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Green Tea Extract

MarMac Green Tea Extract is grown in Xinhua County, Hunan Province - a district of China well known for the growth of premium green tea (and, more recently, featured in the movie Avatar).

After processing to remove any impurities, the leaves are dried by our partners in Hunan and the extract then hermetically sealed and shipped to Australia where the encaptulation process takes place


MarMac Green Tea      Extract uses no animal products nor by-products in it's manufacture

Tea Picking.jpg

MarMac Green Tea Extract is packed using re-sealable pouches. Each pouch contains 60 capsules of 400mg each. As our product is designed for long-term and lasting benefit we recommend one capsule a day taken with food or warm water. As this is a 100% pure natural product, there should be no side effects. Talk to your doctor first if you are pregnant or have any concerns.

Not recommended for young children

This product is currently only available for postage in Australia
Price, including postage, is just $15.99 for 60 capsules
You can order via secure link to PayPal here
(all major credit & debit cards accepted)

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